Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Mega Haul Post

I'm in the middle of a load of swaps at the minute so I'm posting some pictures of the nail mail I've received and the polish I've bought to post.

Firstly I had to show you this - when I posted some packages the other day I asked for a few custom forms so I don't have to fill them in in the post office.  So she gave me all of these!  These should last me a few swaps!

Next is a nail mail package I received from the lovely Betty Nails.  Some gorgeous polishes and a lovely Golden Rose holo.  She also sent some sweets but they've all been eaten!!!  I loved the packaging she used.  All little felt cutouts!

The next, and I can't believe this, is nail mail from the amazing Traci at The Trace Face Philes.  This is the China Glaze Poolside collection - some awesome neons!!!  Also a bottle of Gelous for all the indie glitters I've ordered and my namesake Julep polish, Jodie.  I am truly in awe that I have received nail mail from Traci - she is a legend in the nail polish world!

Then today I received a package from Harlow & Co which I thought was odd as I didn't remember ordering from her.  It was my parcel from a secret bunny swap set up in a Facebook group I'm in!!  Colour Club Worth the Risque and Zoya Valerie - both on my wish list!  Thanks Katie.

I also received post today from Models Own for some swaps I've got set up.  I was really impressed how fast it arrived as I only ordered it on Sunday night!  Only one of these polishes is for me!

Finally, when shopping in Boots for more swaps I picked up a Models Own polish I hadn't heard of before, HedKandi Ibiza Mix.  It's a gorgeous mix of different sized hex glitters in pastel colours, in a black pigmented base.  It looks better in person.

So there you go - epic haul!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

My favourite read

I know I usually post about nails but this is something that I really wanted to share with you all.

There is a blog I follow which I believe is the best thing I've ever read.  Seriously.  If she turned her blog into a book I would buy it. The hardback.

You may be familiar with her, Lexy, from Mammywoo.  Last year she won Best New Blog in the MADS awards.  In my opinion she should win best blog every year.  Lexy's blog chronicles her adventures through motherhood and a heart-wrenchingly honest account of a battle against severe depression.  Her style of writing is awesome, sometimes almost poetic, and so many times I have laughed and cried while reading a post.  Lexy's writing can't help but touch your heart, whether it moves you to tears or fits of giggles.  Or both.

With her permission below is an extract from a recent post on her blog, Carry on... Curry (Aunty Pat? You may want to give this one a miss), which you can read in full here.

Anyway. Cucumbers.
I am so positively childish that I find buying a cucumber more embarrassing than selecting and then purchasing a job load of Tena lady or even Tampax.
Reminding myself that Therapy has taught me to be honest, I switch Cbeebies on for Addison and pick up my phone.
He answers after the second ring.
‘Irish one, I am not buying the cucumber’ I state clearly, channeling my inner lion.
‘We need wipes as well’ he replies, seemingly not hearing my roar.
A cucumber, wine and wipes?
Is he trying to kill me?
No. Way.
‘Irish one,’ I say trying not to laugh ‘There is no way in hell, I am walking up to the till in Morrison’s with a cucumber, a bottle of wine and some wipes’
‘Why not?’ he asks confused, while I nearly cry laughing.
‘Think about it!’ I shout.
‘I have done and I don’t get it. Am I missing the joke here?’
I start to try and explain but he interrupts me, his voice dropping an octave.
‘We need some condoms too.’
I throw my head back and howl.
‘What?’ he asks, confused but trying to be assertive (confused and assertive, not a good combination!)
‘Are you serious?’ I spurt out in between gaspfuls of hilarity ‘you want me to walk up to the VERY BUSY check outs at Morrison’s, in the middle of the afternoon and buy condoms, wine, a cucumber and some wipes?’
‘Yes.’ He states matter of factly before finishing the call ‘I don’t know what is so funny but I have to go now. Love you.’
An hour later after I have got Addison dressed, tried and re-tried in my head over and over again to make the shopping list sound less seedy and more motherly, blushing just thinking about what the check out girl or boy might think I am planning, I get a text message.
Thank god for that, I think putting my phone down just as it beeps again.
The man has a point.
Compromise reached.
Another win for therapy.
Hang on… Condoms?
It’s not christmas yet is it?

Friday, 16 March 2012

Cuteness alert!!!

I was photographing my nails the other day and the kids spotted me and of course wanted their hands photographing as well!  So here they are!  Warning - cuteness alert!!

You wouldn't think but the nice neat nails are my son's, and the chewed bitten ones with torn cuticles are my daughter's!  She's such a tomboy!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Vie Fantasia Illusion - Amazing Holo find

I've been amusing myself lately scanning job lots of nail polish on ebay to see if I could pick up any little treasures.  This particular polish came in one of those bundles.

It's a Vie polish, part of the Virgin brand but seems to be discontinued.  Which is sad because this is the most amazing holo I own.  I sort of imagine the elusive GOSH holo to have this kind of fire.  Unfortunately although I saw 2 of these on ebay the week that I bought it I haven't been able to spot it again since.  Anyway, enjoy the pics!!

With flash

Flash again

At night under room lights, no flash - still an obvious flame

Indoors, no lighting

Outdoors, brilliant sunshine

Distance shot

With flash

At night, no flash

At night, with flash

The holo was so visible even with no light on it, it was amazing.  I just couldn't get over the flame!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Giveaway - Max Factor Fantasy Fire!!!!

In a blatant attempt to drum up more followers, and also because I've been able to lay my hands on a few more bottles of this elusive polish I am giving away a bottle of Max Factor Fantasy Fire, along with a bottle of Graffiti and Odyssey Blue.  If you haven't heard about Fantasy Fire (where have you been living??!!) this is a dupe of the so called 'unicorns pee' Clarins 230.

Please fill in the Rafflecopter gizmo below.  The giveaway ends 12:01am April 1st 2012 EST (I know I'm in the UK but that's the only option Rafflecopter gave me!)  It is open internationally and I will pick a winner by April 3rd.  The winner will have 76 hours to respond before I draw another winner.