Sunday, 16 September 2012

Surprising Suedes from Avon

I'm really excited about these polishes!  Avon's cheaper range, Colortrend, have brought out some new polishes including a set of 3 suedes.  These are my first suedes and I'm quite impressed, considering the rrp is £3, but I got them for an introductory price of 99p each!

Soft Violet, Fuchsia and Blue Royale

I was so excited about these I actually swatched them!  I know!  Me, swatching!  Fortunately, suedes are easy to swatch because they dry so quickly.

There are three colours, first up is Fuchsia, a rich deep pink.  All the polishes applied smoothly - I could have got away with one coat but used two.  They did chip quickly, but show me a matte/suede effect which doesn't!

Next up is Soft Violet. The pics don't really do it justice, although it does lean towards silver/grey.

Finally, Blue Royale, almost a navy.  I lost the sun on these swatches so the pictures aren't really true, but IRL the colours are beautiful.

You may have noticed I've been using different materials to take pictures against - I'm trying to find something that shows off the polish but also makes my pictures unique.  What do you think of the different materials I've used so far?

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Nubar Purple Rain Glitter - I love it!

I love all polishes, all colours (except red.  And orange), but my favourite colour is purple, and Nubar Purple Rain Glitter is my perfect colour.  If I had to wear one nail polish for the rest of my life (perish the thought!) then this would be it.

In the bottle it looked a browny purple but on the nail it is a deep rich purple with micro glitter which just lifts the polish from the mundane to the extraordinary.  It needs 3 coats for maximum coverage, so I think I'd better get a back up of this one, because I'll be wearing it a lot!!

What really got me about this polish was how it transforms in bright sunlight - suddenly there are holo particles scattered throughout!  There is no hint of the holo in natural daylight, but in sunlight it comes to life.

I love this polish so much, thank you Jen, for sending this to me!

Can you see the holo?

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Holo Diamonds!!!

I'm still not brilliant at nail art.  I don't have much time to practise, and then I get frustrated when it goes wrong, so mostly I just let the polish be the art.  But when I saw this fantastic tutorial by Jin Jit from Superficially Colorful I knew I had to give it a try.

It took me forever, I used several different holos, the base was GOSH Hero holographic, the blue and the dark pink are UP holos and the pale pink is A England Princess Tears (I think, I did this mani a few days ago and have only just got round to posting!).

I loved this so much, it was worth the effort.  I got loads of comments too, even the girl at the Illamasqua counter in Selfridges was amazed I'd done it myself.  Next time I do this tho, I will do one hand first and then the other otherwise the polish is dry by the time you take the tape off.  If you want to see how it's done then please please go visit Jin's blog for yourself.  But here's my effort, I thought it looked like pretty Argylle socks!

Check out that holo!!!

I haven't got a camera with macro yet, this is the best I could do!

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Is there a Doctor in the house?

Sorry for the hiatus.  Things are pretty crazy and I stopped doing my nails for a bit.  But I'm back into it now.

A few of my fellow lacquernuts are also Whovians (apparently the term for fans of Doctor Who), which returned to UK screens this week - wahooooo!!!  So to celebrate the return we are all doing Doctor Who themed manis!

Of course I had to use my Doctor inspired polishes for this mani, so I used Cult Nails Time Traveller as my base and topped my fingernails with Nerd Lacquer's I Think You Call Me...Sexy?  I based my thumbnail design on the Van Gogh exploding Tardis picture.

Doctor Who Exploding Tardis

Anyway, onto the manicure:

Doctor Who mani

Doctor Who mani

Doctor Who mani

Did you watch it?  Wasn't it good?!  And sad?!  Can't wait for next week :)

If you want to have a look at the other Doctor Who manis then check out the blogs below.