Saturday, 15 September 2012

Nubar Purple Rain Glitter - I love it!

I love all polishes, all colours (except red.  And orange), but my favourite colour is purple, and Nubar Purple Rain Glitter is my perfect colour.  If I had to wear one nail polish for the rest of my life (perish the thought!) then this would be it.

In the bottle it looked a browny purple but on the nail it is a deep rich purple with micro glitter which just lifts the polish from the mundane to the extraordinary.  It needs 3 coats for maximum coverage, so I think I'd better get a back up of this one, because I'll be wearing it a lot!!

What really got me about this polish was how it transforms in bright sunlight - suddenly there are holo particles scattered throughout!  There is no hint of the holo in natural daylight, but in sunlight it comes to life.

I love this polish so much, thank you Jen, for sending this to me!

Can you see the holo?

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