Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Mega Haul Post

I'm in the middle of a load of swaps at the minute so I'm posting some pictures of the nail mail I've received and the polish I've bought to post.

Firstly I had to show you this - when I posted some packages the other day I asked for a few custom forms so I don't have to fill them in in the post office.  So she gave me all of these!  These should last me a few swaps!

Next is a nail mail package I received from the lovely Betty Nails.  Some gorgeous polishes and a lovely Golden Rose holo.  She also sent some sweets but they've all been eaten!!!  I loved the packaging she used.  All little felt cutouts!

The next, and I can't believe this, is nail mail from the amazing Traci at The Trace Face Philes.  This is the China Glaze Poolside collection - some awesome neons!!!  Also a bottle of Gelous for all the indie glitters I've ordered and my namesake Julep polish, Jodie.  I am truly in awe that I have received nail mail from Traci - she is a legend in the nail polish world!

Then today I received a package from Harlow & Co which I thought was odd as I didn't remember ordering from her.  It was my parcel from a secret bunny swap set up in a Facebook group I'm in!!  Colour Club Worth the Risque and Zoya Valerie - both on my wish list!  Thanks Katie.

I also received post today from Models Own for some swaps I've got set up.  I was really impressed how fast it arrived as I only ordered it on Sunday night!  Only one of these polishes is for me!

Finally, when shopping in Boots for more swaps I picked up a Models Own polish I hadn't heard of before, HedKandi Ibiza Mix.  It's a gorgeous mix of different sized hex glitters in pastel colours, in a black pigmented base.  It looks better in person.

So there you go - epic haul!


  1. Awesome haul! Love the models own ones. Your CC- Worth the Risque looks way better and more holo than mine. Super jealous!

  2. The last Model's Own looks amazing!!! I'm jealous, haha.

  3. I'm Glad you loved it all!! xD
    Thank you!! xD

  4. Hi! I'm a new follower, one of the newbies that your "blatant attempt" dragged in with your giveaway. ; ) Seriously though, I'm new to the nail polish blogging world in general and love giveaways ~ they are so a win-win! I get a chance to possibly win stuff!! But also get to find a bunch of new blogs along the way!! =)

    Okay though, so totally wanted to say 1. how cute it was that you are so excited about your TraceFace nail mail. =) and 2. that I would also be totally excited about nail mail from Tracy. =) She's awesome isn't she?! Oh! And that blog you posted a little blurb from (the post before this one), Awesome! Just your description made the blog sound really cool and interesting. I love blogs where people can be so brave and honest, it's so inspiring! But then with the blurb on top, she's hysterical!! Will definitely be checking her out, thanks for the share, even if it was NON-Nail Related! =D

    1. Awww thanks for this hun. I started off just doing giveaways and then got stuck into polish!!

    2. Crazy Right? It is seriously addicting! I had no idea! =)