Sunday, 5 February 2012

Getting to know you...

Having just started this little corner of the polish blogging world I would love to know more about my fellow bloggers, and hopefully get to know new bloggers along the way.  So I've started this meme to hopefully achieve that aim.

What got you into nail polish?
I've always loved nail polish and used to be teased about my collection.  I only had 20 or so!  Then I got into twitter, twitter got me into comping, comping introduced me to blogging and blog comps, I won a bottle of OPI Teenage Dream and I was hooked and now have loads of polish blogs in my reading list.
Your age/age range?
I'm 32 :(
How many polishes?
I currently have around 250 (I think)
Favourite brand?
OPI always, but I'm loving some of the home made brands like NerdLacquer.
Favourite polish?
This is a really hard question as the answer changes daily.  But my first OPI, Teenage Dream, will always be special.
Mani no-no?
Neon colours on short, stubby, half chewed nails.
Favourite effect?
Well that's in the title - GLITTER!!!  Layered of course.
Crackles - yay or nay?
At first I loved them but they are wearing thin and then I discovered chunky glitter :)
Do you franken?
Not yet but I hope to.
Favourite polish blog (other than your own!)?
I owe so much to Trace at The Trace Face Philes.  I've learnt amazing techniques from her blog, discovered some gorgeous polishes, and she's introduced me to some amazing polish people.  Unfortunately this has affected my bank balance rather badly!!!
Guilty secret?
I peel my nail polish off instead of using remover *hand slap*!
Real, acrylics or falsies?
Real - I've never tried acrylics and falsies always fly off for me!
I would love a bottle of GOSH Holographic.
What would you be doing if you weren't doing your nails?
Either chasing my kids or doing one of my other numerous hobbies, such as making jewellery.
Top polish tip?
Unless you want to end up with a toe tag always apply a base coat even to your tootsies, especially when applying blue nail polish!!
Favourite mani?
This was my first introduction to flakies (before I knew what flakies were!) and I couldn't take my eyes off it - it reminded me of opals.  It was a Rimmel Black with NYX Purple Avenue.

Who are you tagging?
I'm tagging:
Sheila at The Pointless Cafe
Sharon at Polish Infatuated
Carly at Lacquered Lover

Please take part and then add your post to the linky below so we can all get to know each other better.

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