Thursday, 23 February 2012

Zoya Neeka vs L'Oreal Mysterious Icon

Whilst Fantasy Fire hunting the other day I found what I think is a new Boots store, which stocked a range of various products I'd not seen in other stores, including a new range of polishes by L'Oreal.  When I spotted this bottle I knew I had to get it, and initially I thought it was a dupe for Zoya Neeka.

L'Oreal Mysterious Icon

When I compared the 2 together tho it became obvious that while Neeka is a purple with gold flecks, Mysterious Icon is more of a gold/purple shimmering duochrome.

On the comparison posts below my index and ring finger are Zoya Neeka and my middle and pinky are L'Oreal Mysterious Icon.

The 2 bottles side by side

Neeka, Mysterious Icon, Neeka, Mysterious Icon (flash)
Natural Light

Although they aren't dupes they do complement each other beautifully.  So of course I had to mix them up in a scotch tape nail art.  Enjoy!!!


  1. Adding Mysterious Icon to the wishlist! Nice comparison :)

  2. Hey those look similar in the bottle on the nail both are gorgeous. nice mani & post!