Saturday, 14 April 2012

Flash Giveaway Winner and Amazing Haul!!!

Right, sorry for the delay in getting back to you, the kids are off and I've got the most awful cold!

Well, when I counted up all the polishes they came to the grand sum of 68!!!  Which was pretty scary for just one day's haul!  There was one person who got it bang on and that was Sharon Dong.  Sharon I'm going to try to contact you because I forgot to ask for email addresses (doh) but please email me at if you see this post in the meantime.

Anyway, here are the polishes!

First up, my polishes from my friend Pamela who sends awesome packages!  This one made me laugh because it came wrapped up in a box from a packet of light bulbs and tampons!!!

There's such a mix here! Including the Color Club foil collection - I'm not usually a foil fan but these are gorgeous shimmery foils.  Also a load of pretty glitters and some other lovely polishes.

21 gorgeous polishes from Pamela

Then my A England order arrived - just 2 polishes in this package!  Such holo gorgeousness.

Princess Tears and Bridal Veil

Then my first ever order from Llarowe.  The 5 on the top were what I ordered specifically and the polishes on the bottom came in my 'scratch and dent' bag - although I could find any scratches or dents!  I'm really struggling to take bottle pictures at the mo, the middle bottom one is a pale pink with fuschia and holo glitter.  The 2 in the square bottles are lovely pastel holos.

My first Llarowe :)- another 7 polishes

Next up is my ebay order which is a box set of polishes along with nail files.  Several of the polishes are duochromes.  They're cute but I'm not sure on keeping them so they might turn up in my blog sale :)

And another 7 polishes!

Then there's my Boots haul - these polishes are all for swaps tho I may have picked up a few extras ;)

Boots haul - ouch!  30 bottles (ooops!)

Well, there you have it - 68 bottles of polish and if you don't believe me - count 'em!!


  1. whooo hooo awesome haulage Jo! thats a swap record! it has to be, enjoy the goodies and each photo is so many pretties!

  2. 30 bottles? You could buy a Chanel with the points!

  3. OMG, What a haul O.o Lovely :)