Friday, 20 April 2012

Magnetic Mani - A Success and a Failure!!

Although magnetic nail polish came out last year, there seems to have been a revival this spring with new brands coming out with magnetic polishes, such as Barry M, along with some new magnet designs.  So I've been having a bit of a play and I had one really successful mani, and one really pants one!

First up is the successful mani I did using Nabi Magnetic Polish sent to me by my friend Ana.  I thought this was a lovely polish with a great shimmer to it.  I used the China Glaze star magnet to create this and was really impressed with it.  I found that if I held the magnet for 30 seconds it created a much stronger, defined effect but once the magnet was moved away it blurred more.

I accented my ring finger with a scattered holo top coat.

So, I really liked this mani which made me want to try the new magnetics I'd picked up from Barry M.

These are fresh colours with a couple of magnet designs we've not seen before. The black has a silver shimmer to it, the red is a pretty red, and the blue has a very denim look, which is THE colour this season.  There is another colour as well but it wasn't in stock when I picked these up.  I decided to go for the blue polish, but with what looked like a fishnet effect magnet on the black bottle.

Sadly, although a fairly pretty effect, it doesn't come out on the nail as a fishnet, more just wavy lines.  I need to play around with how long you leave the magnet over the nail as I think it would affect the pattern on the nail.  Where I really messed up on this mani was topping it with my half used, gloopy Seche Vite.  Because the SV was gloopy I didn't get a proper coverage on the nail so it left streaks, which meant it chipped pretty easily as you can see on my thumb.

The SV also blurred the magnetic effect a bit.  I didn't put SV on my pinky and you can see the difference as to how much more defined the effect is without the topcoat.  Another time I'd use drops.

Chipping on my thumb where I couldn't get an even cover with SV

You can just see how much more defined the effect is without the topcoat on my pinky.

What do you think of magnetic polishes?  Do you get on with them?  I find them quite time consuming to do but enjoy the effects.

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