Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Why Do I Collect Polish?

People often ask me why I've got so many bottles of polish.  'You can't possibly wear them all' they say.  Or, 'How do you know that you haven't already bought that particular polish?'  'Why do you need so many', and 'but they're all the same colours just different brands' are also favourite comments.  So here's a chance for me to set the record straight and explain my personal fascination about nail polish.

Firstly, it's not just about wearing it on the nails.  It's about the bottle of polish itself.  There's nothing so pretty as a whole load of polishes in different colours from the same brand in matching bottles.  No wonder so many polishaholics display their stash on shelves.  They can look so beautiful.  And every polish lover has her own way of organising her stash.

Secondly, why does anybody collect anything?  Some people collect stamps, others, china, others collect funny little toys or whimsies.  I collect polish, and at least my collection is useful, it doesn't just get stored in a book or cupboard to be looked at occasionally.  Everyone can see my collection on my nails :)

Every colour is a little bit different.  Yes, there occasional dupes, but usually every colour is slightly different, or has a different effect.  It might be matte, shimmery, glass flecked, glossy, jelly.  And it's fun tracking down that hard to find polish, or receiving a totally unexpected, surprising polish in a swap.

That's why I collect polish - what about you?

A display of essie polishes - look how pretty they all are!!


  1. I have never though of it that way but I love this! Now I know what to say when my family starts getting after me for being "addicted"!

  2. I loved your post.. I was reading it and feeling like reading a post I would totally write.
    I do also get asked those same questions.. especially the ones about "same" colors, "different" bottles.. !
    Very well sad Jo! I'm totally clapping you right now!

    I can't stress enough how much I loved your post!!


  3. I change my polish nearly every day so why would I only want to have a few colours in my stash? Except for my backup bottles none of the colours I have are the same even though a lot are similar. Sometimes one shade of purple isn't quite the right one but another is only an inch off and perfect.

  4. I don't mind people asking me its the looks and faces you get when you say polish. Especially for me I can't do my nails anymore but the love of polish is still there. I get excited when I get my hands on a long lost bottle and love the hunt for the new collection. I've never questioned others collections and I get that I cannot stand or walk but that doesn't take my love of polish away, in fact it make me happy and the nail family pulls me thru those rough pain days. You would think people would realize that instead of asking with a tone or saying why bother.

  5. Hello!

    Hii I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award!